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Review by Vineeta Santoshi, May 3, 2012

Our Curry House buffet items in few words and pictures Click here

Vimeo Appetizer video, Sept 15, 2011

Chicago Curry House Video
Our famous dishes are close to you now. Please, follow the link Chicago Curry House

Time Out Chicago, Dec 14, 2009

100 Best things we ate this year (2009 Best Dish)
One man's buffalo wings are another man's kukhura ko pakheta, and we're betting once you have the latter, you'll about the former. These wings are more....

India Post, Mar 12, 2010

Ghimre Curry House wins awards
Bala Ghimre, a young Indian Nepalese owner of Curry House restaurant, has been named as the 2009 Local WInner in restaurant catergory. more....

Crain's Chicago Business

Spicy take on winter in the South Loop
Indian food is one of Chicago's finer antidotes for winter. It's comforting, affordable and strokes your furnace with chili poeppers and spice. I found more....

Chicago Curry House
Though the menu at this South Loop sister spot to Highwoods Curry Hut includes many Indian dishes, the real draw is the Nepalese food. more....

Chicago Curry House on Metromix TV
Do you guys have Curry for the hotdogs? more....

NorthShore Magazine

Currying On
North Shore eaters showed so much of enthusiasm for his array of flavored naan breads and combo platters, that he figured it was time to give Chicagoans a taste of Nepal, a nation that leans more on mountain spices than its more butter-minded Indian cousins. more....

Whats Happening - Highland Park

Restaurant Showcase: Chicago Curry House
The Tandoori ovens (ethnic, cylindrical clay ovens) in the kitchen allow the Curry House to prepare seven creative varieties of fresh authentic naan (a flat, wonderfully soft leavened bread baked in a tandoor), which compliments Indian curries and other buttery sauces perfectly. We sampled the traditional plain Naan and the Kasmiri Naan (stuffed with pineapple, cherries and walnuts) as well as the Garlic Naan. All three of these were absolutely superb! more....

RedEye (Jan 21 2009)

Recently Opened
Chicago Curry House
899 S. Plymouth Ct. 312-362-9999
Your commute for Nepalese food just got considerably shorter with the arrival of this South Loop restaurant, a sister spot to Highwood's Curry Hut. If you're unfamiliar with Nepalese specialties, traditional stewed dishes like aloo tama bodi (spiced potatoes, bamboo, shoots and black-eyed peas) are good place to start. Chicago Curry House is possible the only place in town where you can get momo (above), tasty little Nepalese steamed dumplings filled with vegetables or chicken and served with a tasty curry dipping sauce. The Nepalese dishes share the menu with a robust selection of Indian favorites, including taste bud-scorching vindaloos and deeply flavourful tandoori chicken.

Chicago Curry House
"chicken, lamb, fish, and a single prawn" more....

Chicago Curry House Indian and Nepalese Restaurant
"BEST Indian and Nepalase food!!! GREAT service.Most definatly returning with friends and family!!!!" more....

Chicago Curry House Indian and Nepalese Restaurant
""Great food, pleasent ambience"!" more....